Golpayegan Negin Aluminum Company, with more than a decade of experience in the field of aluminum casting, started its activities in producing aluminum alloy ingots from 1392 with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons in the industrial state of Golpayegan.
The company has now upgraded its production capacity to 30,000 tons of alloy ingot and an increase of its range to 50,000 tons per year by development plan.
Based on the experience of its founding board, the company was able, to establish a close corporation with most shipbuilding, airplane, automotive companies such as Megamotor and SAPCO, and a variety of home appliances, electrical and gas industries, and heating systems over a short time.
The customer-oriented attitude of the company’s activities from the very beginning resulted in customer satisfaction, product quality improvement, and continuous innovation and after-sales services as one of the most important principles of the company’s operations.
Production standards and quality control have been determined as high as possible, and all products are subjected to the most accurate quality control tests before leaving the production line.
Obtaining ISO 9001 certification and strong presence on domestic and foreign markets testifies to this claim. Meanwhile, the company finds its customer satisfaction as one of the company’s planning priorities, and does not hesitate to make any effort to achieve it, and based on competitive advantages such as superior quality, the price is far below the market price and payment terms, it is well suited to easily compete with all domestic and foreign rivals.


Based on its Transcendental Goals, Golpayegan Negin Aluminum Company implemented the Integrated Management System (I.M.S) in 2015 and succeeded to obtain ISO 9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

The company's vision is to increase its annual production capacity by 400,000 tons of aluminum ingot and its alloys, producing all types of aluminum profiles, plating and powder paint coatings in its work plan, which will be achieved in early future, in the hope of the excellence and dignity of its executives.

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